Thursday, May 10, 2012

A President with a Spine

It's terrific we have a president who takes bold, progressive initiatives to do what's right. He took Bush's dead, forgotten search for Bin Laden and made it a priority; his terrific intelligence, defense and military teams did a perfect job in finding and killing the world's #1 terrorist and got tons of information from the compound.

Now, he did the courageous, right thing again by refusing to accept discrimination against consenting tax-paying American adults. Marriage equality is just that -- it means straight people shouldn't get special rights while denying those same rights to everyone else.

Gay Americans pay taxes -- sometimes MORE taxes than straight people who get married and file together. A civilized country doesn't discriminate against people based on hate, fear or stupidity.

It's pathetic that the US is the only country in North America that doesn't recognize same sex marriages. That's right: Canada and Mexico are ahead of us.

As usual, the rightwingers dig in their heels and try to stop progress. They were against women voting, equal pay, ending slavery, civil rights, interracial marriage, and now same sex marriage.

In 20 years they'll pretend they were for same sex marriage all along.

Wishy Washy Willard Romney is not only against same sex marriage but even against civil unions! He claims he believes marriage is between one man and one woman.

His grandfather, along with his 5 wives, disagreed.

His great grandfather, along with his 12 wives, disagreed.

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