Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good News

  • Consumer confidence rose last month to 66%, as gas prices dipped and the housing market improved
  • Democrats will probably include, for the first time ever, support for same sex marriage as a plank in the party's platform. This will mean EQUALITY AND FAIRNESS FOR ALL and force far rightwing Teabag Regressive republicans to campaign on promoting discrimination.
  • Former President Bill Clinton will have a primetime speech scheduled during the Democratic convention. That means the current and most recent Democratic Presidents will show solidarity and strength. Obama has turned around the Bush Depression from LOSING 750,000 JOBS a month to 29 months of job growth. Clinton's 8 years provided 23,000,000 new jobs.
  • But Neither George Dubya Bush nor Dick Cheney will appear at the Regressive convention. Their 8 disastrous years will not be mentioned during Willard's prom. And the Airhead from Alaska has been told she will not speak at the convention either. 
Smart move.

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