Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Regressive National Convention -- Night 1

Absolutely LOVED the whole show last night! Glad the circus is going to be in town for 2 more nights! The freak show continues.

Last night, there was not a SINGLE MENTION of our American troops, the 2 longest wars in history, Dick Cheney, and of course the name that shall never be mentioned, George Dubya Bush. Not a word.

If you saw a couple of people of color in that otherwise all white audience, it was only because the delegates from Ron Paul-rich states like Iowa and Nevade were moved up to the rafters so they wouldn't disrupt the corronation. And so the delegates from Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgen Islands were right down front -- despite the fact that none of those territories count.

We did, however, get to see a smiling Mrs Willard Romney, all gussied up in her Costco dress that Willard ironed for her just that morning. Willard was wearing one of a three-pack of shirts that, of course, Costco doesn't sell. But that's part of the nonsense they claimed.

And the silly, incredible pandering continued.

We had to hear about those early days of eating macaroni and tuna fish, as if they didn't have a pot...

Fact is, the Romneys never were those “parents who lie awake at night side by side, wondering how they’ll be able to pay the mortgage or make the rent.” Willard was born to the guy who ran a car company.

"I love you women!" she screamed, because, well, being Regressive, it wouldn't have sat very well had she said "I love women". But do they think screaming "I love you women!" negates their new definitions of rape, Neanderthal abortion rules even in cases of rape or incest, and desire to ban most forms of pregnancy prevention?

Annie's spiel was all about love. Next came Chris Krispy Kreme, who said, in essence, "if it's a choice, screw love, go for respect!"

Does no one check their speeches?!

He then spent 95% of his time talking about himself instead of Willard. After 16 long minutes, he finally mentioned Willard -- you know, the guy who he's allegedly backing for president. This was not a keynote speech at all; it was his 2016 acceptance speech.

Christie talked about how his father "put himself through college with the GI Bill." Hey, pal, you  didn't put YOURSELF through college -- WE did. The GI Bill is A GOVERNMENT PROGRAM using government money. He then went on to praise teachers -- the very people who the Regressives like to label "thugs" who need to be laid off, have their salary cut, and have their unions busted.

Christie bragged about all his alleged accomplishments, never stating the facts that in his state, property taxes went up 20% during his term; unemployment is 9.1% in New Jersey -- a point higher than it is nationally; and his state ranked 47% in job creation -- just ahead of Willard's state with a 48% ranking. These clowns are the ones to "fix" the economy?!

And instead of being positive and upbeat, Christie was angry, loud, frowning, shouting and abrasive. Cutaway shots to the Romneys showed Willard looking like he was wondering why this clown was up there at all. And the formerly smiling, "likable" Annie had her usual nasty grimace on her face.

Not one thing made us like Willard or get to know him, or have any CLUE whatsoever about his plans. Nothing.

The freak show continues tonight.

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