Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fox Lies About Obama Deficit

Take a look at their graphic.

Now ignore the second line that says, "up 137% since 2008."

Why? Because as everyone knows (except Fox watchers), each year's budget is hammered out and goes into effect three months before the actual year begins.

So the jump in the 2009 deficit, which the liars at Fox want to attribute to President Obama, was actually George Dubya Bush's final budget, having gone into effect on October 1, 2008, before President Obama took office, and before he was even elected.

That's always the case. Every president's first year budget is inherited from the previous president because it goes into effect in October, three months before the new president takes office.

But as you can also see from the chart, under President Obama, the deficit actually is reduced each year.

So when you hear some rightie screaming that President Obama has made the deficit worse each year, you can prove that the deficit actually decreased every year since he took office -- and you can use a Fox graphic to prove it!

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  1. After the debacle that Ted Cruz displayed the Republicans have lost a lot of credibility.He is an embarrassment with his own party.