Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fox: Where Republicans Escape Journalism

From Media Matters:

CNN recently spoke to Eric Fehrnstrom, senior advisor of Willard Romney's 2012 campaign, who said, bluntly, "We'd much rather go on a Fox program where we know the question that's going to come up and Mitt can give his answer and it's not going to be a frenzy of questioning."

Translation: By avoiding actual news agencies and appearing on Fox, Willard was able to spout his talking points and lies unchallenged without any of those pesky follow up questions.

Fox is like a sanctuary to Republican candidates.

Hey Fehrn, how'd that work out for you? As I recall, President Obama beat Willard Romney in an electoral college landslide. Even when the results came in, Fox anchors, including "expert" pundit Karl Rove -- who had been ignoring all the polls -- refused to believe Romney lost, and had an on-air meltdown.

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