Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gun Massacres: Will We Do Anything?

The problem is we have lots of crazy, hostile nutjobs armed to the teeth in this country.

We have no limit on semi-automatic weapons, and no limit on high capacity clips. The last mass murderer had over a thousand rounds with him.

It's easy to get a gun in this country with no background check whatsoever.

And the cowardly NRA puppets in congress won't fix the problem. The NRA guarantees that American mass murderers are the best armed in the world.

This whole conversation is pointless. We'll wring our hands, scream and shout for three days and then forget all about it -- and do nothing -- until the next well-armed mass murderer goes on another shooting spree in about 3 or 4 weeks. (We average a mass murder every month now.)

And then we'll all say "isn't that terrible," and "somebody ought to do something," and bow our heads and pray to nobody, and say "now's not the time" and prove it by doing nothing.

And the rest of the developed world continues to look at us and shake its collective head, because it's not like this in any civilized country. Only here in Crazyland.

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  1. It is an outrage.Some people I've talked to feel powerless about this issue. I think this should be put on on the ballot so we all have a say.I feel my rights have been infringed on when a few have so much power.We do still live in a democracy, don't we?I don't think this is what the founding fathers bargained for.