Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Did Obama Lie About ObamaCare?

The short answer is no.

Basic facts:
ObamaCare became law in March 2010.
Anyone who already had an insurance policy they were already satisfied with before that date was allowed to keep it. Period.
Policies as of March 2010 must adhere to new standards.
That being said, many insurance companies have CHANGED THEIR COVERAGE on those policies from before March 2010, and diminished their coverage, making them essentially new policies that, in many cases, do not adhere to minimal standards. These must, therefore, be upgraded.
Unfortunately, many people who claim to love their crappy old policies have never had to use them. Get a disease, need an operation, get cancer or have a horrific accident and suddenly you'll discover you're not covered. The reason you're being dropped in most cases is because your coverage is so poor it's worthless in these cases.
Current requirements include not kicking you to the curb if you have pre-existing conditions, no lifetime caps, free preventive screenings, etc. Old policies that have CHANGED and no longer adhere to current requirements are therefore not really the "old policies" that you had, but rather, new, changed policies. So they must be upgraded. In other words, you can keep your old policy but not if the insurance company decides to change coverage and screw you over. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a habit of changing coverage every year. Your credit card agreement changes every year, too. That's why you receive a long, multi-page, tiny print agreement every year.
If your insurance company has changed your coverage and made it into a crappy policy that doesn't meet standards any longer, of course you cannot keep it because it is no longer the original policy that you were satisfied with. Thank your insurance company for that.
The good news is there are a lot of companies now vying for your business, and many more policies available with better coverage, lower co-pays and sometimes even lower premiums.
Keep in mind some insurance companies are discontinuing certain policies of their own choice and blaming ObamaCare. As you all well know, these for-profit companies have been increasing your premiums, sometimes up to 20%, every year for decades. 

The idea of the individual mandate and more comprehensive coverage is to address the fact that many people have been gouged for years with insufficient policies, and because 30,000,000 uninsured people will now be covered.

We don't want 30 million people using the ER for regular doctor visits that TAXPAYERS have to pay for. People need to take responsibility for themselves.

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