Friday, October 4, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

Congressman Randy Neugebaur (R, what else?) from Texas.

The congressman was one of the many Regressive Republicans in the House who voted for the government shutdown, and then visited the WWII memorial and actually told a park ranger she should be ashamed of herself for the closure of the memorial.


Here's the story.

Here's what I put on the "good congressman's" Facebook page:

You and the rest of these rightwingers gleefully shut down govt, including these people whom you feel the need to berate, because you folks tried -- and failed -- 44 times to repeal a perfectly Constitutional law that you don't happen to like. Now you geniuses want to defund and delay it by tying it to something totally unrelated -- the funding of the US govt. 
So you have a temper tantrum because ObamaCare cannot and will not be repealed, shut down the government, and then have another temper tantrum in front of a government worker at a memorial YOU caused to close down.
You're an embarrassment. RESIGN NOW.
Here's the link to his Facebook page. Have at it.

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