Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disgusting Ringling Brothers Circus Comes Back to Disgrace Florida

The most despicable bunch of abusers in the business will be back in South Florida soon, and eventually in your city, wherever you live. There are new pictures of actual elephant training sessions that are now available, not from undercover animal activists, but from a guy who worked for Ringling Brothers and trained elephants for them for years! There was an article in today's Washington Post about these highly abusive training techniques as well. If you know anybody who has kids and might take them to the circus, send them the following links and warn them never to give a dime to Ringling Brothers.

Here's the story:

Here's the complete set of pics:

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  1. This blog is really coming along. Thanks Radio Vegan.
    I used to love the circus, especially the elephants, but I will not support it anymore.
    If I want to see animals I'll go camping or fishing and see them the way we're supposed to.

    Allthough, if we used some of these training techniques on republicans, perhaps we could get something done in this country.