Friday, December 18, 2009

McCain the Hypocrite

Cue the Fake Republican Outrage!

McCain pretends he never heard of Senators having to abide by the ten-minute speaking rule in the Senate. But earlier that same day, another Senator who wanted to stall and waste time was cut off after his ten minute speaking period was over. And John McCain HIMSELF objected a few years ago when a Senator wanted a few extra seconds to speak. What a hypocrite.

From Think Progress:

Yesterday, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), acting on the orders of the Senate leadership, refused to grant Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) an "additional moment" to continue speaking on the Senate floor after his 10 minutes expired. Franken’s objection caused Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to groan about how Franken’s move was unprofessional, unprecedented, and disrespectful:

McCAIN: I’ve been around here 20-some years. First time I’ve ever seen a member denied an extra minute or two to finish his remarks. … I just haven’t seen it before myself. And I don’t like it.

Unfortunately, McCain’s memory is suffering. In fact, McCain has engaged in the very same behavior that he was criticizing Franken for yesterday.

On October 10, 2002 — The Senate rushed a debate on a war authorization giving President Bush the power to use force against Iraq.

During the course of the frenzied floor debate, then-Sen. Mark Dayton (D-MN) spoke in favor of an amendment offered by Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) that would have restricted Bush’s constitutional powers to wage war against Iraq. After a minute and a half, Dayton ran out of time, prompting this exchange:

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator’s time has expired.

Mr. DAYTON. I ask for unanimous consent that I have 30 seconds more to finish my remarks.

Mr. McCAIN. I object.

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