Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Republican Jackass of the Week

His name is Judd Gregg. He's from New Hampshire. ("Pepp-ridge Fahm Remembuhs") And he wants the Republicans in Congress to use every possible tool to keep Health Care Reform from passing. You may recall the Republicans ran Congress for 12 years and did absolutely nothing to reform health care in America. Now that Democrats run Congress, the Republicans' only goal is to stall and keep health care reform from passing. That way, during the mid-term elections next year, they can say "the Democrats didn't accomplish anything. Vote Republican." Of course, they are to blame for blocking health care.

Here's an excerpt from the Huffington Post:

Sen. Judd Gregg, (R-NH) has penned the equivalent of an obstruction manual -- a how-to for holding up health care reform -- and has distributed the document to his Republican colleagues.

Insisting that it is "critical that Republican senators have a solid understanding of the minority's rights in the Senate," Gregg makes note of all the procedural tools the GOP can use before measures are considered, when they come to the floor and even after passage.

He highlights the use of hard quorum calls for any motion to proceed, as opposed to a far quicker unanimous consent provision. He reminds his colleagues that, absent unanimous consent, they can force the Majority Leader to read any "full-text substitute amendment." And when it comes to offering amendments to the health care bill, the New Hampshire Republican argues that it is the personification of "full, complete, and informed debate," to "offer an unlimited number of amendments -- germane or non-germane -- on any subject."

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