Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birth Certificate Nonsense

The White House released President Obama's longform birth certificate this morning.

Do you think this will finally shut up the small group of bigots, haters and anti-American unpatriotic fools who are trying to destroy the country by their weak attempts to disparage the President of the United States?   Of course not.  The bigots and America haters will find new ways to try to do their damage.

Back during the campaign in '08, the US State of Hawaii had Democratic and Regressive officials state that this is the official certificate issued in their state.  That should have settled it.  Then he ran against the Clinton Machine, which nothing gets past.  Then he ran against McCain with all the money and power of the Regressives behind him.  Don't the idiots think if there was anything that needed to be exposed it would have been found under all those microscopes?

It was a stupid issue and, as the President said, "a sideshow presented by carnival barkers."

I'm glad this whole issue exploded in their rightwing faces. But on the other hand, I'm disappointed the America haters on the far right cannot continue to embarrass themselves. It's been very entertaining for rational people for two years!

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