Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forget the Birth Certificate; Now We Want College Records

Here's what I wrote within two hours of President Obama releasing the longform version of his birth certificate:

Do you think this will finally shut up the small group of bigots, haters and anti-American unpatriotic fools who are trying to destroy the country by their weak attempts to disparage the President of the United States?   Of course not.  The bigots and America haters will find new ways to try to do their damage.

Read it for yourself in the post below this one. And notice the time stamped on the entry.  Am I psychic?  No.  I just know how the hateful Regressive brain works.

Now, after having his no-birth-certificate-theory shot to hell, Donald Chump and a few rightwing Fox mouthpieces are yapping again, this time calling for Obama's college records.  "Somebody told me he was a terrible, terrible student," Chump said yesterday.  "How does a bad student go to Columbia and then Harvard?"

The unspoken yet obvious implication is, "how could a black guy possibly have gotten into Harvard?"

Well, Donald, go ask one of your many black friends.  You're very popular with "the blacks," as you put it, right?

(For the record, President Obama graduated magna cum laude.  That's Latin, you know.  It means "with great praise".  And 80% of Harvard graduates do not attain this high level of honor.)

President Obama said this was "a sideshow" perpetrated by "carnival barkers."  I knew releasing the birth certificate wouldn't end the nonsense from the crazies.  It's just the next step.  But Keith Olbermann summed it up this way:

They’re carnival barkers. They don’t stop selling tickets just because there isn’t a real mermaid back there. If you prove there’s no mermaid, tomorrow they’ll tell you there’s a Martian.

Don't expect it to stop for the next six years.

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