Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meredith Vieira Deserves an "F"

If you're going to be on a major television network and interview a so-called newsmaker like Donald Trump, then you had better be prepared with a few facts, be ready for the standard lies, and demand proof or evidence when wild assertions are made.

Vieira did none of the above.

Donald Trump, who is once again making believe he's running for president in order to gain national attention and prop up ratings for his NBC show, was interviewed by steamrolled over Sleepy Meredith on NBC's Today Show last week.

She brought up the laughable, frequently debunked "birther" nonsense yet again, as if it's still 2008, which led to Trump claiming Obama's grandmother stated she was present in Kenya when he was born.  Fact is, she's not his grandmother. She's his grandfather's second wife.  And she wasn't even part of the family almost 50 years ago when he was born.  And, while speaking through a translator, when it was mistakenly said that she was there, she and her family members corrected themselves several times.  But don't let the facts get in the way when you're spewing lies to whip up the far rightwing birther crowd and bring attention to yourself and your TV show, right Donald?

Why Meredith didn't clear up this already established lie is a mystery.

Trump is not sure President Obama was born here.  I'm not sure that thing on his head was born here.

The Donald also claimed he has several "people" investigating this alleged birth certificate mystery and said "I can't believe what they're finding". At which point anybody else but Vieira would have naturally asked, "Oh yeah?  What have you found?" 

She said nothing.

When asked if he was running for president, he hemmed and hawed and claimed he couldn't answer that.  Such nonsense.  This is an elaborate publicity stunt, just as it was before.

Trump claims he's a great businessman, he's "so very smart and has common sense."  And yet several of his casinos have gone bankrupt.  How is it possible for a casino to lose money?  A casino! Where the house controls everything!

The embarrassingly amateurish interview can be seen here.

Following Trump's interview was a guest appearance by Bill Cosby.  It took Bill to put it all in perspective.

"Oh, please, with Donald Trump. Take him home with you.  He's full of it."

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