Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Hype All Over Again

This would be a great week for Congress to pass laws they don't want anybody to hear about; for Congressmen to get caught in scandals; for administration resignations, since nobody will hear about them.  Better than a typical Friday afternoon "news dump" when these things typically are revealed, we have this ridiculous wall to wall hurricane coverage obscuring every actual news story. CNN, msnbc, and even Fake News are all refusing to cover news on their "news networks" and instead, showing video of traffic lights blowing in the wind, and throwing it to the ubiquitous idiot reporter being blown, weatherwise, on the beach.

From someone who's lived in South Florida for 40 years, and seen overblown, over hyped storm coverage for decades, here's why there will not be the death and devastation the media is hoping for all over New York City.

First, hurricanes need a warm ocean to strengthen. Irene has been brushing land since it came ashore in North Carolina. Hurricanes always fall apart on land.

Second, the farther north it goes, the cooler the ocean is. Oh, and did I mention, most of it's over land?  Only half is on water. It probably will just be a tropical storm by the time it reaches NYC.

Sorry to burst your bubble, news media.

Thank goodness David Shuster is one of the few who understands the difference between news and hype. As he said in a couple of recent tweets:

The rain and possible tornadoes may cause some damage. But as news stories go, Hurricane Irene is a "bust." The ongoing hype is silly.

I have no issues with news orgs pointing out possible nightmare scenarios past few days. They won't be realized. Report the facts. Cat 1.

I'm not belittling half million without power. But that relates to crumbling U-S infrastructure, not mother nature "lashing" the U-S.


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