Thursday, August 18, 2011

She Really is a Witch

Remember Christine "I am not a witch" O'Donnell? Well she allegedly wrote a book and appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Show last night. He asks her about a topic that she covers in her book -- Don't Ask Don't Tell -- and she refuses to answer, pretending it's not relevant. Keep in mind she's there hawking her book and this is one of the subjects she herself mentions in her book. 

She insists that it's the guest on a talk show who should decide what's discussed.  And then she walks off because he's not asking the questions to which she has pat answers memorized.

Update: The very next morning she hung up during a phone interview.

KXRK X96 RFH - Christine O'Donnell by Magallanes90

Quitting twice in two days... She's making Sarah Palin jealous.

8/19/11 UPDATE: Now that two days have gone by, my hunch that this was all a pre-planned publicity stunt seems to be proving itself. Think about it. Christine O'Donnell hasn't been seen in a year, since she lost the election. Now she's written a book. She wants to sell the book. Why do a run-of-the-mill interview on CNN that will be over and forgotten in one hour, when you can walk off the set, play the victim, and milk the media attention for days on end?  Just this morning she was all over the TV again, including the Today Show. Additional national media, additional attention, and most of all, additional sales are all part of the plan.  Nice work. You had us all fooled for a day.

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