Thursday, August 18, 2011

Which Far Right Regressive Can Turn the Clock Back Further?

A blog that perfectly sums it up by national radio talk show host Mike Malloy.

Rick Perry has declared war.  On the EPA.  So have all the other GOP candidates.

The EPA is evil because it seeks to regulate the use (abuse?) of natural resources in such a way to minimize harm and reduce risk.  So of course it must be eradicated. Newt wants to padlock the building and Bachmann wants to pray it away.  After all, how can anything natural in the world – like carbon dioxide – be possibly bad for you?  It was all created by God, Amen.

Do we really want a President who doesn’t believe in global climate change?  Or even simple pollution?  Or evolution?  What are we saying, collectively, as a nation if we honestly contemplate putting one of these medieval morons in the White House?  What, was Dubya too intellectual for the Teabaggers?  His malaprops too cerebral for these cretins?

We’re moving backwards, Truthseekers, through time and cultural evolution.  But that’s the ultimate goal of Capitalism run amok – feudalism.  A nation of 1% Lords, who own everything and 99% serfs who own nothing. We’re almost there . . .

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