Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Newt's on Top; Trump Moderates Upcoming Circus-Debate

The ONLY reason Noot has a turn at the top is the Regressives are so miserable with each of their clownish contestants, since they've pretty much run through each of them as the flavor-of-the-month, they are down to backing Newton Gingrich by default. There's simply no one left.

The Regressives couldn't back serial adulterer and philanderer Herman Cain, so they've decided to support serial adulterer and philanderer Newt Gingrich.


You may remember his illustrious history. Newt was forced to resign in shame as Speaker of the House under a cloud of a half-million dollars in ethics violations. He cheated on, and left, his first wife while she was dying of cancer in the hospital; he left his second wife after cheating on her with what would be his third wife.

While railing against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he accepted almost $2 million as a lobbyist for them.

His latest bizarre thought? Firing janitors and making 9 year olds clean toilets in school. He actually said, out loud, that child labor laws are stupid.

This is who they're rallying around this week.

By the way, don't you love how these Teabaggers rallied about how much they've "changed" their republican party -- yet the two front runners (Romney and Gingrich) are old Regressive hacks who have been around for 30 years, pushing their tired, old, failed ideas to whomever will listen. Unbelievable.

And have you heard about the hilarious upcoming debate? Not even sponsored by any news organization, it's being promoted by "newsmax", the far rightwing website. And even funnier, one of the earliest failed clowns to be kicked to the curb -- fake billionaire Donald Trump -- will be moderating!

I couldn't have written a better script to make these bizarre cartoon characters look more buffoonish. Can't wait to make some popcorn and watch this!

By the way, so far 2 of their candidates were smart enough to say, "I'm not participating in this ridiculous circus" -- Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman. Good for them.

Ron Paul on America's favorite fake billionaire, fake candidate and used car salesman:

"The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath the office of the Presidency and flies in the face of that office's history and dignity.

Mr. Trump's participation as moderator will distract from questions and answers concerning important issues such as the national economy, crushing federal government debt, the role of the federal government, foreign policy, and the like. To be sure, Mr. Trump's participation will contribute to an unwanted circus-like atmosphere.

Mr. Trump's selection is also wildly inappropriate because of his record of toying with the serious decision of whether to compete for our nation's highest office, a decision he appeared to make frivolously."

Even Karl Rove thinks it's ridiculous. From the NYT:

"Karl Rove, the former political adviser to President George W. Bush, railed against the idea of a debate hosted by Mr. Trump. In an appearance on Fox News on Monday, Mr. Rove called on Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, to put a stop to the debate.

“What the heck are the Republican candidates doing showing up at a debate with a guy who says, ‘I may run for president next year as an independent,’ ” Mr. Rove said. “I think the Republican national chairman ought to step in and say we strongly discourage every candidate from appearing.”

UPDATE 12/7/11: Willard Romney has also stated he will not attend this debate circus.

UPDATE 12/9/11: Bachmann the Clown and Perry the Clown have also stated they will not attend this circus.  How soon until it's cancelled?

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