Friday, December 2, 2011

No Payroll Tax Cuts For You

When you start paying $1000 more, thank your Regressive republican congress.  Send a nice bouquet of flowers if you can afford it. They FAILED to pass an extension of the payroll tax cut which would keep the Middle Class from seeing an increase of $1000 a year.

Democrats in the Senate and President Obama were for continuing the payroll tax cuts for the middle class and it would be easily paid for by a 3% increase for those making MORE THAN a million a year. Regressive republicans refused to extend YOUR tax cuts, and they will cost you $1000 more a year, because they refuse to add a penny to multimillionaires' taxes.

The Regressives had their own ridiculous bill spectacularly voted down last night. Get this: In order to continue your payroll tax cuts, they wanted to CUT 200,000 Federal jobs. "Help the Middle Class by firing 200,000 of them." Genius. Pure genius.

Democrats and the majority of Regressives in the Senate killed that stupidity. It went down in flames.

Apparently the Regressives' "Pledge to Obey a Lobbyist" and not raise taxes didn't include YOUR taxes -- only millionaires'.

And some righties will continue to be stupid enough to vote for them, against their own interests.

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