Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boy Scouts Not Really Ending Discrimination

It may look like the Boy Scouts were finally joining the 20th Century (now that we're in the 21st), but looks can be deceiving.

"Boy Scouts Consider Lifting the Ban on Gays" is what the headlines have been saying. But a closer look shows that the Boy Scouts of America are not ending discrimination against gay scouts and scout leaders; they are not banning discrimination. They're simply saying they may end the mandatory ban on gay scouts on a national level, allowing each troop in each district to make its own decision.

"We're not requiring you to discriminate, but go ahead if you like," is essentially what they're saying to troops in every state.

This would be like saying the Federal Government frowns on slavery, but hey, if you nice white folks in Mississippi and Alabama want to own slaves, the choice is yours.

Not acceptable.

The Boy Scouts of America must not only end discrimination, it must ban it at all levels.

Through the years, public schools and other entities that follow nondiscrimination policies have stopped sponsoring Boy Scout troops. Picking up the slack were Southern Baptist, Catholic and Mormon organizations that were only too happy to continue the policy of hate and discrimination.

Complete article from the Associated Press here.

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