Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Poll: America Very Dissatisfied with Boehner

Turns out that holding 98% of America hostage for the sake of tax breaks for Oprah and other multimillionaires is not looked upon too favorably by most Americans. Wow. Who'd have thought?

In the latest Washington Post / ABC News poll, 45% approved of the deal that was finally made, making permanent the tax breaks for 98% of the country, and having those making over $400,000 per year pay about 3 points more. About 35% disapproved.

But the news is about The Boner.

Orange John Boehner's handling, or mishandling, of the fiscal cliff negotiations were underwater by 20%.

Approval: 31%.       Disapproval: 51%.

President Obama, on the other hand, won an approval rating of 52% for his handling of the deal, with 37% disapproving.

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