Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Typical NRA Hypocrisy

This should surprise no one.

Wayne LaPierre
A full week after the NRA's stunning silence on the mass gun murders at a Connecticut elementary school, their extremist mouthpiece, Pepe LePew, or whatever his name is, blamed everything but guns for the gun massacres. Yes, we were told 20 first graders were splattered with gunfire because of music, video games from the '90s, television shows, movies, even the President somehow, but not guns and bullets.

That would be like weighing 500 pounds and blaming everything but the Sara Lee cake you continually stuff in your face.

So after putting most of the blame on video games, what did the NRA do just yesterday? Released a violent video game app for iPhones. Shoot at coffin-shaped targets right on your iPhone!  Appropriate for ages 4 and up according to the NRA.

If these fringe nutjobs weren't so dangerous, they'd be funny. "Violent video games are the problem! Not guns! So here's a new violent video game for your kids to play!"

You can't make this stuff up.

Hopefully, enough clear thinking members of congress will pass reasonable, common sense legislation that will stem this gun-massacre epidemic.  Those who want to protect themselves, and those who have the sick need to kill animals, will still be able to have their guns. Nobody's taking anything away. But we need to ban military style semi-automatic assault weapons, designed to kill dozens of people in seconds. And those 30-round clips and 100-round drums. No self-protector or animal-killer needs those. We need to make sure guns aren't sold to the insane. And we need to close gunshow loopholes.

I have yet to hear what's so "controversial" about those common sense restrictions.

Let's remember that WORDS have never killed anyone. Yet the First Amendment, all about Free Speech, has reasonable restrictions. You can't slander someone or you'll get sued. You can't incite violence. You can't lie in a court of law. There are punishments for those who do.

Yep, it's okay to have restrictions on the First Amendment -- about words -- but not on the Second Amendment -- which is all about guns and bullets that kill over 10,000 Americans every year. This is the twisted logic spewed by the NRA. Funny thing, polls show that the vast majority of NRA members actually want reasonable, common sense gun laws. But the NRA doesn't represent them. It represents the gun manufacturers. It's all about profit and selling a product.

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