Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Lady's "Eye Roll"

The latest make believe controversy manufactured by the rightwing Foxbots involves First Lady Michelle Obama, who rolled her eyes during an Inaugration Day lunch with Regressive republican John Boehner.

What actually happened? According to a lip reading expert, The Boner -- a known chain smoker -- asked The President if he had a chance to have a smoke. (President Obama has long since quit smoking.)

Boehner uses the back of his hand to slap The First Lady on the arm, and says to the President, like a typical misogynist, "somebody won't let you do it," clearly referring to Mrs. Obama.

Watch for yourself and see if this is even remotely appropriate.

It doesn't actually look like she "rolled her eyes" to me, but she did glance in his direction as if to say, "Jackass."

Either way, I don't think she should have done this.

What she should have done was slap him in the mouth, knocking the orange bronzer right off his face. But she's too poised, diplomatic and sophisticated to have done that.

This rude, inappropriate, arrogant, 19th Century, anti-woman, misogynistic yokel attitude is not uncommon with Regressive republican men. As mentioned by Hal Sparks earlier today, this is similar to George Dubya Bush's behavior when he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman back in 2000 when he was first running to become "The Decider."

During a commercial break, one of Letterman's female producers walked up to the desk to hand him some information, and Dubya, the embarrassment of the Bush family, took the opportunity to reach over, grab the woman's shirt, and proceed to clean his glasses with it. This was so embarrassingly inappropriate that after the commercial break ended, Letterman played back the tape so the viewing audience could see it.

Watch and see if this doesn't tell you all you need to know about this arrogant little scumbag and Regressive men in general.

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