Monday, April 19, 2010

The Irony is Lost on Them

A couple dozen rightwing gun nuts -- protesting what they perceive as their vanishing ability to carry guns -- actually brought their guns to a Second Amendment rally in northern Virginia, near Reagan National Airport, the Washington Monument and the Capital. The ironic thing is they were carrying guns while whining about losing their ability to carry guns, and they were doing it on National Park Land. And it was none other than President Obama who recently signed a new law ALLOWING guns to be brought into National Parks. So they were carrying guns where they are only now allowed to bring guns, and protesting the "loss" of their ability to carry guns.

This is as ridiculous as the Teabaggers complaining they are not getting news coverage, and saying it while CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, msnbc, and CNN are covering them.

This is as ridiculous as Teabaggers complaining about how high taxes are, right on the heels of President Obama and the Democratic Congress LOWERING taxes for 98% of Americans, giving tax breaks to small businesses -- at a time when IRS tax refunds are at an all-time high.

The Teabag dimwits just don't get how ignorant they make themselves look.

Above: gun nuts using their Second Amendment rights to protest losing their Second Amendment Rights. Below: anti-gun nut demonstrators.

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