Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Far Right Hardliners Against Unconstitutional Arizona Law

Apparently it's not just Democrats and Liberals who know an unconstitutional law when it's staring them in the face.
A growing list of far rightwing politicians, advisers, and commentators disapprove of the law that assumes 2 million US citizens of Hispanic origin are illegal aliens until they prove otherwise. Most say it's unconstitutional.
Mr Hardline I
mmigration Reform himself, Tom Tancredo is against the new Arizona law. So is Karl Rove, Meghan McCain, Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio, former governor Jeb Bush, former Bush spokesliar Dana Perino, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, Florida Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart, and many others.
Michael Gerson, a former Bush speechwriter said, “Americans are not accustomed to the command ‘Your papers, please,’ however politely delivered,” he continued. “The distinctly American response to such a request would be ‘Go to hell,’ and then ‘See you in court.’”

Joe Scarborough, the host of msnbc's Morning Joe said, "It does offend me that when one out of every three citizens in the state of Arizona are Hispanics, you have now put a target on the back of one of three citizens.
“I will tell you that this is un-American,” said the former Republican congressman. “It is unacceptable, and it’s un-American.”

The sheriff of Arizona's Pima County called the law, "racist, disgusting and stupid," and, according to Huffington Post, in his judgment could not be enforced without mandatory racial profiling. Dupnik's reckoning of the legal issue is that he's just as likely to be sued for racial profiling as he is for not doing enough racial profiling, so he's standing pat, and will not enforce the new law.

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