Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Quitter's Demands

Every rock star has certain demands that must be met while travelling. Some "must haves" include special food, certain types of amenities, etc. Even former vice president Dick "Go F**k Yourself" Cheney demanded that all TVs in his hotel rooms must be on, and tuned to the foreign-owned Fox Noise channel (presumably to make sure they were saying what he told them to say).

Sarah the Twitter Quitter is no different. Her demands, according to a contract of hers that was supposed to be shredded:
  • First Class airfare or a private jet
  • A Suite and 2 Single Rooms in a deluxe hotel
  • 2 Water bottles with "bendy" straws
  • PRE-SCREENED QUESTIONS collected from the audience in advance
That last one says it all. She doesn't want to stumped with anybody's "gotcha" questions like "what newspapers do you read?"

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