Friday, April 2, 2010

Phantom Interviews... Fox Lies Again

Say it didn't happen again!

It's not enough that, in recent months, the Fox Channel...
  • lied about "huge crowds" at a TeaBagger rally, by splicing in crowd shots from a completely different event (see Blog Post from 11/11/09);
  • used fraudulent statistics to mislead their audience (see Blog Post from 12/8/09);
  • blatantly lied about the US not having any terrorist attacks on George Bush's watch [oh? remember a little thing called 9/11?] (see Blog Post from 11/30/09);
  • and they consistently put a little (D) next to the name of any Republican who gets caught doing something embarrassingly illegal.
Now, their pride and joy, Sarah the Twitter Quitter, is hosting a show on their channel. And they've been running promos touting her "interviews" with rapper LL Cool J and country singer Toby Keith. It's called Real American Stories, but there's nothing real about it. The interviews never happened. Fox tried to get away with simply throwing together old interviews done last year and pretend Alaska's former half-governor did them. And they got caught -- again. Fox had to pull at least one fake interview from the show.

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