Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Racist Teabaggers? "Just Isolated Incidents"

We keep hearing how the poor misunderstood Teabaggers are being misrepresented by the mainstream media. "Don't judge us by a few bad apples," they say. "They don't represent us."

We've seen disgusting, disrespectful, racist signs over and over -- at one rally after another -- in all states; the spitting on black Congressmen, the screaming of the N-word and F-word at black and gay Congressmen; the calls to violence ("don't retreat, reload!"); the death threats, the vandalizing of Democratic offices, and the screaming to silence opposition at all of last summer's town hall meetings. All of which belie the "isolated incident" excuse. Watch this short video compilation of Teabaggers' signs and judge for yourself.

Oh, and keep an eye out for all that "racial diversity" in the crowds we keep hearing about.


  1. Hi RV

    Good blog, I just got twigged to it by Malloy. I see you don't get a lot of traffic, I have the same problem over at I write a lot about politics too, a lot on 911.

    On that subject someone just put me on to this... (3 part series on 911 Truth)

    It's well worth listening to, all the heavy hitters in one place, Jones, Griffin, Gage, and more.

    Good luck!


  2. Jones is not a fucking heavy hitter. He is a salesman who takes you for what he can get. Stupid.

    RadioVegan, check out

  3. As a fellow vegan and as an activist I feel the need to warn you against the liberals that are going to show up b/c of Malloy. Liberals hate vegans much more than conservatives.