Friday, August 9, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

Representative Steve King (R) of Iowa.

What? Again? He was our RJOTW just two weeks ago!

Well he's back again, shooting off his big stupid mouth with uncontrollable glee.

Last time he referred to immigrants as dogs and mules.  Now he's claiming climate change is not science, but "a religion."

On Wednesday he spoke at an event sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a group with a purposely deceiving name, funded by the billionaire Koch brothers.  And despite the fact that 97% of scientists around the world agree on the science of human-caused climate change, King claimed that it's "more of a religion than science."

See? Being a Teabagger and Regressive republican representative in the land of corn somehow makes you inherently smarter than the vast majority of scientists and climatologists around the globe who have spent their lives studying the subject.

Right after denying climate change is real, he claimed that climate change is actually a good thing. The logic? Tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is actually good for plants! It means more photosynthesis for plants.

See how that works? Say something scientifically unsound, contradict yourself two seconds later and you've got your bases covered.

"Climate change doesn't exist, but since it really does exist it's a good thing."


Perfectly appropriate to be our Republican Jackass of the Week.

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