Friday, August 23, 2013

The NRA is the Organization They've Been Warning You About

The NRA, which has screamed bloody murder that the government wants to "compile a huge database of gun owners which can be hacked," and is against any kind of background checks or registration, turns out to actually be the organization that compiles a huge database of gun owners which can be hacked!

NRA apologists now know the NRA has millions of names -- from NRA members as well as gun owners who never gave them permission to collect their data -- including lists they bought of people who bought guns in stores, online, "prospective gun owners," own a hunting license, taken a gun safety class, and those who simply subscribe to gun magazines.

How ironic that the organization that takes your money and tries to scare you about a big boogeyman collecting data on you, actually is the big boogeyman collecting data on you without your permission.  Asked by a reporter why they "need" all this info gathered without your permission, a spokesman replied, "that's none of your business."

Got that, NRA supporters? The NRA has a huge database with your name on it that can be hacked or sold and it's none of your business how they got your name or why they want it.


More from Buzzfeed, which broke the story.

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