Friday, August 23, 2013

Why It's Important to Vote in Midterm Elections

Voting for president is important, fun, makes you feel good, etc.

But skipping the midterm elections can have disastrous consequences. After a record-breaking turnout in 2008 resulting in the overwhelming election of Barack Obama, millions of Progressives skipped the midterm elections of 2010. The result? A Regressive republican takeover of the US House and a loss of Progressive seats previously held by Democrats in the US Senate.

In addition, sitting back and allowing Regressives to load your state House and Senate with Republicans will result in horrendous laws and redistricting -- gerrymandering of voting districts that can make it almost impossible for the opposing political party to win for decades.

Just look at what happened in North Carolina. It now has a Regressive republican House, Senate and governor -- which means they can and will do anything they want, unopposed.

A quick look at some of the regressive, repressive bills that have sprung up since their takeover in North Carolina:
  • Regressive republicans have introduced a bill to establish an official state religion. That one alone should have you terrified.
  • Stooping slightly so as to allow the irony to fly right over their heads, they then introduced a bill to ban Sharia Law
  • They've passed the country's most extreme abortion restriction bill
  • They've cut funds for public education
  • They've eliminated the estate tax, cut taxes for the rich, and shifted the tax burden onto the middle class and the poor in the state
  • They've enacted the most restrictive voter suppression laws in the state, severely limiting registration drives, cutting voting hours, cutting early voting days, and allowing any "vigilante poll observers" from any district to challenge, on the spot on Election Day, any other North Carolina voter in any other district. This means any Klan member or Fox watcher can hang around any polling place to challenge -- create problems for -- any minority voter in any district.
Midterm elections are coming up in just over a year, in November of 2014. That's sooner than you think. These Regressives have all got to go, in every state.

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