Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Darrell's Issa's Very Shady Background

He's the guy in charge of running one Benghazi hearing after another, in a fishing expedition for a non-existent scandal to attempt to bring down President Obama as well as destroy 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

But Darrell Issa has had more than his share of arrests and suspicion of criminal activity.
  • He was suspected of arson when his car alarm factory burned down just three weeks after he quadrupled his fire insurance, removed computers and software from the building and transferred car alarm designs from a filing cabinet to a fireproof box. 
  • An old army buddy thought Issa stole his car, and after threatening Issa, the car reappeared the very next day. 
  • He and his brother were both arrested for stealing a Maserati from a Cleveland showroom. 
  • He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in his car. 
  • He was arrested yet again when his brother sold Darrell's car to a dealer, immediately cashed the $16k check, and then the next day Darrell reported the car as stolen. 
  • Within 6 months of that arrest, he crashed his truck into another car and left the scene before police arrived. The driver sued Issa for $20k and settled out of court.
This is the guy the Regressive republicans elected to be the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight, whose job is to investigate the alleged wrongdoing of others.

More here and here.

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