Friday, May 3, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

Meet New Hampshire's Senator Kelly Ayotte (R).

Her approval ratings recently plunged after her incomprehensible vote against required background checks for firearm purchases. In New Hampshire, 75% of all voters approve of background checks, including 56% of Republicans according to PPP (Public Polling Policy).

A WMUR Granite State Poll shows even higher numbers, with 88% wanting background checks, including 83% of Republicans.

But it must be hard to do your job and follow the overwhelming will of your constituents -- you know, the people you represent, who voted for you and pay your salary and furnish your benefits -- when the NRA is delivering wheelbarrows full of money to your door.

One more time: the background checks would keep criminals, the mentally ill, and those convicted of domestic violence from buying guns. I have yet to hear a coherent reason why crazy people and violent criminals should not be stopped from buying guns.

In the clip below, the daughter of the gunned-down principal of Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut politely asks Ayotte why she voted against this common sense bill. Ayotte stumbled but could not provide any kind of answer.

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For putting the special interests of the gun manufacturing lobby ahead of the Americans who pay your salary, you, Kelly Ayotte, are a Jackass. Our Jackass of the Week.

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