Friday, May 17, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

Marco Rubio, Regressive republican senator from Florida (where else).

This week, he manufactured so much fake outrage at the IRS, with its dastardly scrutiny of Teabagger groups, that he demanded the head of the IRS be fired!


How dare President Obama's IRS commissioner investigate the 3500 Teabagger groups that sprang up immediately after the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, requesting non-profit classification for tax-exempt status! Right, Marco?

Here's the problem: there was no "head of the IRS." The usual obstruction from the Regressives of President Obama's nominees caused the IRS to have only a temporary, acting IRS commissioner.

And who was the commissioner in charge of the IRS during the alleged scandal? That would be Douglas Shulman, appointed by none other than George Dubya Bush!


(Steven Miller, who symbolically resigned yesterday, was the acting commissioner whose 210-day term would have ended in 3 weeks anyway, on June 8. He was not the acting commissioner during the alleged scandal.)

And by the way, it's the job of the IRS to scrutinize groups that request non-profit, 401(c)4 status.

Marco Rubio, confused and thirsty Florida senator, who needs to spend 30 seconds with The Google before opening up his big mouth: this week's Republican Jackass of the Week.

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