Thursday, May 9, 2013

Regressive Republicans Waste Millions

Another ridiculous edition of Theater To Entertain Morons occurred yesterday with another bizarre Benghazi hearing. What everyone already knows is that an independent study was already done and found no unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, coverups or anything regarding the attack on the embassy there six months ago.

And I've asked Regressives many times why they're so obsessed with the four unfortunate deaths that occurred at that US embassy, yet never raised a peep over the 60 or so people who were killed in similar terrorist attacks during the Dubya Debacle. The response is always silence with a dumb look.

Seven embassies and consulates were attacked while Dick and Dubya were occupying the White House. Here's a list.

Yesterday's hearing circus was just another feeble attempt to take down the President (ain't gonna happen) and to discredit former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, since she is seen as the frontrunner for President in 2016.

This is a party that is scared to death of Hillary Clinton, and seething with hate for President Obama.

Their numbers are shrinking. Women, gays, hispanics and blacks won't go anywhere near a Republican candidate's name on a voting ballot; and the Republican war on all those groups continues. Great strategy, huh?

Next week, as if they haven't wasted enough time and money, they're going to try, for the 39th time, to "repeal Obamacare." Right.

Exactly who is this supposed to entertain? Do these people have a clue how government works? Even if they managed to get a majority in the House to overturn the Affordable Care Act, it would then have to pass the Democratically controlled Senate, no doubt with 60 votes, and then the President himself would have to sign a bill that would eliminate his signature health plan. How absurd.

But the time wasting and money wasting continues. You may want to call your US representative, if he or she is a Republican, and read them the riot act.

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